Many HVAC business owners get stuck with how to best market their companies. They attempt doing the “traditional” marketing that we all know about. Things like newspaper ads, yellow page ads, bill boards, direct mail, signs, etc. They also dabble in online marketing techniques like SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Websites, etc. Unfortunately, the owners that do not take this seriously lose in the battle for obtaining new customers.

Online marketing is the future of marketing solutions for local businesses. Think about it, when was the last time that you opened the yellow pages to find a local business? Do you even own a yellow pages? How about the newspaper? Do you still get a physical newspaper delivered to your home?

Online Marketing Tips For HVAC Businesses

Something to consider is to spending marketing dollars where you target audience hangs out. As an HVAC business owner, your target audience is most likely a homeowner, 30 years or older. This target typically spends a lot of time on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you are specifically targeting more affluent homeowners, chances are that they are business professionals. If that is the case, LinkedIn is a good platform to focus on.

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Targeting stay at home wives? If so, Facebook is an excellent tool. We utilize Facebook marketing strategies for most of our HVAC clients. This is an online space that allows for inexpensive and highly targeted ads. We also strongly advocate an active Facebook fan page for your business. Check out this blog post, 17 Ways To Turbocharge Your HVAC Facebook Page for some great ideas on how to position your company in the best light on Facebook.

A more creative way to utilize Facebook is to host a “live stream” show in your office. Start to do a series of home improvement video shows that are live streamed on Facebook. Invite non-competitive businesses to your show and interview them on home improvement tips, tricks, strategies, etc.

For example, interview a painter one week, a plumber the next week, a roofer the week after, etc. This is great for gaining exposure online for your business and the people you interview. It also establishes you as a thought leader and authoritative source in your service area.

Website Blogging

Blogging is another effective strategy to get the word out about your heating and cooling company. Believe or not, publishing content is very effective. We have clients that get a tremendous amount of website traffic to their blog. In the blog content that we publish, we include call to actions to help convert that website traffic into leads.

Effective content marketing and utilizing the proper inbound marketing strategies help to create leads that are “pre-sold” which reduce the sales cycle for your company. Imagine dealing with customers that already have a good idea of what the product does, what the warranties are, how much it costs (approximately) and what the installation timeframe is. An informed customer makes the sales cycle go smoothly and quickly!

To learn more about HVAC marketing, contact L4 Group, a digital marketing agency that specializes in HVAC and plumbing companies.